Why InRhythm Works – A Recent Case Study

31. March 2016 0
Why InRhythm Works – A Recent Case Study

We discuss the ins and outs of our offerings a lot on the InRhythm blog. Our thought leadership spans across the technology space to handle modern software development, Lean UX, and enterprise Agile practices. We pride ourselves on keeping updated and constantly adding on features. Whether it be a new JavaScript framework or technique, like Design Sprint Studios. At InRhythm, we embed on-site with you to assist on digital transformation using these services. Today, I am excited to share an inside look at one of our many projects to provide a better understand of how InRhythm works.

We had the pleasure of working on a project for an enterprise company to revolutionize company wide digital product development. The project was a wonderful success and we are so proud of our team members.

Here’s an inside look at what we accomplished:

  • Prototyped over 30 mock-up concepts in 2 weeks to scope out a validated MVP.
  • Created a culture of high-performance by delivering an MVP in 12 weeks with continued weekly releases.
  • Launched 2 products within a 6 month span.
  • Coached 3 teams to adopt our customized Agile process.
  • Transitioned the team to a more modern technology stack — angularJS, Node, MongoDB, Docker, AWS, GitHub, and circleCI.

We are equally excited about all of success stories and can’t wait to share more with you. Interested in finding out more? Get in touch with us!

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