Top 5 UX Tools – I Absolutely Love!

07. April 2015 0
Top 5 UX Tools – I Absolutely Love!

Why Use Them?

Before the time we hit the shower in the morning, many of us have already checked our text messages, emails, or news / sports feeds at least once.

The mobile device and all its glory has fundamentally become a part of our day to day life. So have you ever wondered who designed that app? Or what tools they used to design it?

My Top 5 UX Tools:

Quick Disclaimer: Every project has its own unique set of requirements, so my list is constantly changing. However, as a Sr. UX Designer working in the industry for the past six years I would encourage any UX Designer to look into these if you have not yet. 

  1. User Interface (UI) – Sketch  (Adobe PS & AI are also great) 
  2. Wireframing – Balsamiq
  3. Prototype – Invision
  4. Flow charting – OmniGraffle
  5. Sketching – good ol’ – pencil & paper


Everyday I go to work to make great design layouts that help companies function better, and succeed at doing what they love doing. So the next time you wake up in the morning and open that app or desktop application – remember to think of the UX Designer who is helping bring that smile to your face!

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Written by The UX Team

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