Do You Have Your UX Checklist?

20. November 2014 0
Do You Have Your UX Checklist?

When people ask what makes a web experience successful, the go to answer usually is “it has to be easy to use”. Though that statement is correct, it is still very generic and vague. What are the traits that make a website easy? How is this accomplished?A few years ago, I worked at a startup company and the Product Director at the time had listed 5 checklist items to consider when tackling UX work for websites and apps. They are the following:

  1. Learnability – How learnable is the site for a first-time and repeat user?
  2. Efficiency – Is it simple and straight to the point without too much unnecessary content?
  3. Memorability – How easy is it to remember what button does what? Is it easy to remember how to navigate thru the site?
  4. Error Messaging – Is the user clearly being taught if he/she have done something wrong? Does the site also make the user aware of any new features or changes
  5. Satisfaction – Is the site fun to use? Is there a sense of reward for the user?

These five check list items are equally important and overlap one another. They are what I consider the traits of an easy-to-use website/app.

Written by Daniel Cho

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