InRhythm’s Thought Leadership On and Off the Court

01. February 2016 0
InRhythm’s Thought Leadership On and Off the Court

At InRhythm we are more than just Agile practitioners, designers, and engineers. We have hobbies too! Whether it be competing with each other via FitBit or participating in ChallengeJS, we wanted to take a moment to share some of the awesome stuff our team has been doing outside of the office:

1. One of our Tech Leads just happens to be Sina Jazayeri, host of The Drunk Web podcasts. Sina brings in a diverse collection of interesting web people to have a few drinks and discuss, well, the web. He invited our CTO, John K. Paul in recently to sip Champagne and talk about “The Zen of Programming”, what it takes to contribute to jQuery source code, and how engineering managers can keep up with ever changing technologies. The podcast is hilarious and informative, give it a try!

The Drunk Web’s Episode 12: John K. Paul

2. A few of our developers have gotten together and formed a band, South Second. They’ve been playing gigs all around NYC (including our holiday party). Last week, they premiered their first every music video and it is such a treat. We can’t wait to see what they do next.

South Second’s The Lonely Kind

3. Chris Sakai is not only a superstar engineer, but also an avid rockclimber. He will be participating in two upcoming competitions Hueco Rock Rodeo and Feats of Strength XI (last qualifier competition in the tristate bouldering series). Best of luck, Chris!

Written by Ricki Steiner

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