November Meetup – Diving Deeper Into Sketch

09. December 2015 0
November Meetup – Diving Deeper Into Sketch

Last month we held our second Meetup covering the popular UX tool – Sketch. Our in-house UX Designer, Prerak Patel, led us through more of the amazing things that Sketch allows you to do, including a heavy focus on how the app has combined web standards and simplifies design process. Prerak ended with an incredible live demo where he prototyped an Instagram clone real-time. I was completely amazed when I saw how fast he was able to create the look-a-like. We are excited as a team to continue learning more about UX Design and hope to see you at next month’s event!

Sad you missed out on the Meetup? We’re taking a break this month for the holidays but our January 20th Meetup is shaping up to be incredible. Join us as Nathan Stilwell leads a discussion on PostCSS.

Written by Ricki Steiner

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