January Meetup – PostCSS with Nathan Stilwell

25. January 2016 0
January Meetup – PostCSS with Nathan Stilwell

We are very excited to share video from our most recent Meetup where Nathan Stilwell provided an informative rundown of PostCSS and its features. Will you be using PostCSS on your next project?

Nathan started off by giving us a little history lesson in CSS and preprocessors which is necessary in order to fully understand why PostCSS is so awesome. When Sass and Less first came out, they were revolutionary as they enabled us to use CSS in a better way with things like variables, inheritance, mixins, importing, and nesting. But, on the flip side, our stylesheet became bulky and heavy. Preprocessors are huge monoliths…so, what if we wanted something smaller and more direct? What if we want to extend Sass? Enter PostCSS. At the most basic level, PostCSS is letting us work with our source code freely. And the true beauty of PostCSS lies within all of the plugins which allow us to do things like use the latest CSS features (which aren’t supported in preprocessors) to provide fallbacks for IE7, check colors, and so much more.

Have questions? We will be publishing a second video of our Q&A which occured after the presentation so stay tuned for details on the best features of PostCSS, limitations, similarities to different frameworks, the specifics of plugins and more!

Written by Ricki Steiner

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