InRhythm October Meetup – How We Continually Challenge Ourselves to Learn and Grow

19. October 2015 0
InRhythm October Meetup – How We Continually Challenge Ourselves to Learn and Grow

At InRhythm, we have a strong list of a values that serve as reminders on how to complete our best work possible. One of our values is to “challenge the status quo – learn and grow daily”. I love this idea and how it can be applied on a regular basis. We not only need to challenge ourselves on what has been deemed the norm in this space – but grow through constant and continuous education.

This week we gathered together for one of our monthly InRhythmU Meetups. This was a truly a special night as we had several of our very best present on their current projects. Engineering intern, Jimit Patel, presented what he has learned so far about functional programming. It was incredible to see how much progress he has made in such a short time. We are so proud of the daily growth Jimit is experiencing and can’t wait to see what’s next for him. Our COO Mariya Breyter is an Agile wizard. She gave a short, yet extremely informative talk on the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). Lately, how to scale Agile for enterprise companies has been a popular topic around the office. Personally, it was a challenge I had never even thought about before. I have really enjoyed diving deeper into Agile and what it means for enterprise environments. Lastly, accomplished engineer Mayank Patel gave us a little bit of a Node.js foundation and discussed  creating an internal Node.js framework to ease the path to delivering web applications within a complicated enterprise environment. Mayank did an awesome job of discussing “why Node.js” and guiding us through his thought process on the project.

No one at InRhythm is a silent bystander. In between each topic we all jumped in and shared our thoughts. My favorite part? Watching and listening as the developers went back and forth in an informal discussion on object oriented vs functional programming, an area that we look forward to exploring further at a future Meetup. Until then, we will all continue challenging ourselves to learn, stretch and grow every day.

Written by Ricki Steiner

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