Get Paid to Network

01. June 2017 0
Get Paid to Network

InRhythm’s mission is to provide continuous learning and growth opportunities for all of its employees, with an ease of access to outlets to be a thought-leader in their expert technologies, opportunities for mentorship, and to ensure they are always growing. We believe strongly in hiring bar-raisers and we ensure every addition to our team brings something unique to contribute to the culture and employee community. It is believed that we are the sum of those with whom we spend the most time….so, what better way to expand our team than by leveraging the connections of our talented and bright network? If you’re reading this, you’re included!

We are willing to pay you $2,500 for every referral that result in a hire! That has some pretty legitimate side-hustle potential.

Hot Jobs

We’re especially looking for your help to fill: 
Senior Developer, AngularJS
CI/CD DevOps Lead
UX Prototyper 
Software Engineering Manager
Or, browse our full list of current openings

Please send the candidate name, prospective role, and resume/LinkedIn profile to [email protected].

Referral Bonus Eligibility Details

  1. To qualify, the referred candidate must complete 90 days on a revenue-generating, billable client project of InRhythm
  2. Referral candidates must be hired or execute a contractor agreement within six months of being referred 
  3. The referral bonus will be paid to eligible referrers within 60 days of the candidate completing 90 days on a revenue generating, billable client project of InRhythm.
  4.  The following are not eligible for referral bonuses:
    • Third-party vendor candidates
    • Candidates (contractors and full-time) who have worked with InRhythm in the last twelve months
    • Candidates who have previously interviewed, or been in any kind of contact, with anyone associated with InRhythm within the last six months
    • InRhythm’s Operations and Executive Management team members

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