Getting Florida InRhythm

23. July 2015 0
Getting Florida InRhythm

This week, along with CEO Gunjan Doshi, we’ve deployed a 4-person team to Florida on a mission of guiding a client on their journey of digital transformation in accordance with industry standards. In addition to thought leadership and enterprise Agile coaching, our team will be leading the front-end architecture, UX design, and more! They are having a blast and we’re excited to see the transformation unfold!

Here’s a taste of what went on this week:


Project kick-off, Gunjan Doshi, Phil Mondestin, and Davis Koh did an amazing job of introducing everyone to our frameworks and methodology.


The InRhythm team worked with the client’s team to start understanding the application, identify user roles, and identify pain points. We introduced story mapping, collaborative story sharing and using a physical whiteboard to facilitate planning. At the same time, the engineering team worked on core architecture and infrastructure plans.


The engineering team worked together on getting back-end, front-end, Docker containers, Circle CI, and automated deployment working on their local and staging environments. The front-end “Hello World” app is talking to the back-end. The back-end is hitting some of the legacy web services to ensure end to end communication is working. Each check-in to source control, kick off a build, run tests, and package to a Docker container which is then shipped to the server and made available.

We continued to coach the client’s product managers, project managers, leadership team, and engineering team on lean & agile techniques.


We reviewed the user stories from the Product Management. The Engineering Team continued working towards Friday’s Tracer Bullet deliverable as well as some spike work surrounding data migration of legacy data.


Feedback Friday.  We shared our progress with the influencers, observers, and stakeholders on our progress from the week.

 It has been a fun packed week of great teamwork and the entire InRhythm team is looking forward to many more weeks in sunny Florida!

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