Exciting Times: Moving, Building and Growing

07. June 2017 0
Exciting Times: Moving, Building and Growing

Since joining InRhythm as the COO last year, I have watched the company grow and mature at an exponential pace. At InRhythm, we are the fastest growing modern product design & engineering firm across New York City, with a mission to drive growth and innovation across our clients.  In the last year, we’ve added amazing talent to our team in order to bring critical products to market with high velocity.

We are focused on thought-leadership in modern practice areas of UX, Agile, Engineering and DevOps.

As we grow at InRhythm, we are very excited about about creating and cultivating a culture that is driven by the passions of our teams.  As a result, we have a practice leadership team that meets weekly and is working very hard to make sure that we create a company that is driven based on learning and growth opportunities for our teams, giving everyone a chance to have a strong voice in the direction of the company and creating mentorship and leadership opportunities for our teams along the way.

In order to enable this growth and learning across the teams, we recently moved our NYC office HQ from midtown, around Penn Station to the Financial District. We did this for many reasons, but the biggest deciding factor was to create an innovation center where we can have trainings, meetups, panels, and other events for clients and employees to take advantage of our thought-leadership put to use. 

On to bigger and better space and our brand new exciting Innovation Center to be built!  

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