Building Relationships – Core Values as Corporate Culture

25. August 2015 0
Building Relationships – Core Values as Corporate Culture

One of InRhythm’s core values is to “Build Positive & Trusting Relationships”. What better way to build strong connections between our employees than by bringing everyone together for a Meetup? On a warm Wednesday night we gathered our operations, UX, and development teams for a night of prototyping. The highlight had to have been watching the developers sit down with markers and paper to try to sketch out layouts. Each team came away with a new level of appreciation for the other and maybe next time we will get our designers writing some code.

Our awesome UX team taught the fundamentals of design and why prototypes are important on the job. Instead of starting a huge build on day one and stumbling through design pain points and changes, creating a workable mockup helps us understand our product at an earlier stage and get meaningful feedback from clients. We are no longer putting all of our energy into building something before we completely understand how it is going to behave.

We began the Meetup with marker and paper sketches and moved on to basic Sketch mockups. In many cases, like mine, we simply click and dragged basic shapes across the screen and pretended that it looked just like the demo version. We then had a quick demo of the incredible powers of creating interactive, clickable design through InVision. Watching a live demo of a prototype through the InVision mobile app was pretty mind-blowing as I had only ever experienced working with static designs previously.

Having the chance bring everyone together at InRhythm was fantastic and our Design team really knocked it out of the park. Come and see for yourself, our Meetups are now open to the public – looking forward to seeing you at the next one!

Written by Ricki Steiner

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